SAFN Outreach Program

Your SAFN Outreach Program connects generations of Air Force Nurse, in tangible ways, through caring for and sharing time with each other. We provide support and encouragement to those members who are experiencing difficulties such as injury, illness, a death in the family, consequences of a natural disaster or other life changing events. Currently, that support is primarily in the form of cards, calls and visits (if possible). In some regions, where there are State and Chapter Outreach Coordinators, and in some situations, more help may be offered. The Outreach Program is one of the many benefits of SAFN membership.

Each Region has an Outreach Coordinator and they are as follows:

  • NER: Donna Cunningham
  • ECR: Lynn Money
  • SER: Marsha Jordan
  • NCR: Shirley Black
  • RMR: Myriam Santiago & Kathleen Gardon
  • SCR: Sharon Zimpher
  • PAC: Sheila Fleege
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