East Central Region

Diane Kupchella

Diana Kupchella

Regional Director
Lorton, VA

Greetings from the East Central Region!

For those of you new to this web page, welcome! Currently, the East Central Region has 224 members who live either in the District of Columbia (2) or in one of nine states: Delaware (5), Indiana (6), Kentucky (8), Maryland (22)  Michigan (10), Ohio (48), Tennessee (17), Virginia (77), or West Virginia (7). The SAFN National Convention is held biennially in the odd years, and the Regional Meetings are held biennially in the even years. So, there are plenty of opportunities to renew old friendships and to make new ones! Another great thing is that you are not confined to your own regional meeting; you may also attend meetings in other regions, so check out their web pages as well.

If you are not yet a member, I encourage you to join. As a member, you will receive with your Welcome Letter; a copy of the latest Rendezvous (our 8 ½ x 11-inch, 55-page newsletter full of information and member photos); instructions for accessing the Members Only portion of the web site (where you can access the color version of the Rendezvous); a SAFN lapel pin; and, my favorite, our SAFN Directory, which lists contact information for over 1,460 members. Aren’t you a little bit curious to see if you can find any of your long-lost friends? If you do decide to join, dues are $25 annually, payable by 31 January. If you are undecided and have questions, please email me EastCentralDirector@safn.org

Updated: November 9, 2020

As this year has progressed, we are finding it to be one of cancellations!   With that in mind, we are cancelling our 13 December 2020 Christmas brunch event at Joint Base Myer Henderson Hall.   Patton Hall is still closed and has cancelled our brunch. Also, Arlington National Cemetery has restrictions.   In light of all this and the fact that the coronavirus numbers are up, I, in consultation with our East Central Memorial Committee, believe that it is prudent to cancel the entire event this year.

On the positive side, we have scheduled our Memorial events for 2021 and we’re hopeful that we can actually resume our get-togethers. However, it will depend on the status of the virus at that time. The tentative dates for 2021 are, 23 May for our Memorial Day tributes and 12 December 2021 for our Christmas tributes.


As part of our commitment to honor those who served in Vietnam between 1 November 1955 and 15 May 1975. The ECR places wreaths at both the Vietnam Women’s Memorial and the Vietnam Men’s Memorial on a semi-annual basis; for Memorial Day and Christmas.

We are proud to recognize the following ECR members who served during the Vietnam War (If I omitted anyone, please let me know): Ann Allen, Darlene Anderson, Louise Blakely, LaDonn Cramer, Frances Crown, Jeanette Ferguson, Kay Fryman, Lois Gay, Barbara Goodwin, Nonie Heinrich, Ann Hildebrand, Patricia Hite, Bernice Jackson, Patricia Clark, Mary Jane Koch, Pauline Kulwicki, Patricia Kunde, Diana Kupchella, Hana Jane Maroon, India Matlock, Carole McAlister, Sandy McLaughlin, Gail Mornhinweg, Peter Munto, Kathleen Nagle, Mary Pufnock, Patricia Purdy, Monica Richardson, Judith Sanders, Linda Stierle, Kathleen Swint, Catherine Takacs-Kaznoff, Loretta Thomas, Lousan Warner, and Sara Jane Williams. We thank you for your service!

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