Who We Are…

Members of the Air Force Nurse Corps who serve on active duty or in reserve status in the Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard.

Members of the Air Force Nurse Corps who have retired from active or reserve services.

Former members of the Air Force Nurse Corps who were transferred to the Biomedical Science Corps.

Former members of the Air Force Nurse Corps who were honorably discharged.

Nurses who served in the U.S. Army Air Corps and were honorably discharged.

The Society of Air Force Nurses, Inc., was organized in 1986 as a non-profit veterans organization to provide support and social opportunities for our members and to network, share information and provide assistance to Air Force Nurses.  Its Headquarters are located at PO Box 681026, San Antonio, TX 78268.  Email – safn10@aol.com.

The Society of Air Force Nurses (SAFN) is comprised of members from seven geographical regions of the United States of America:

Pacific Region                                                              Rocky Mountain Region
North Central Region                                                   South Central Region
East Central Region                                                     North East Region
South East Region

Members are also located in Asia, Europe, the Pacific and Canada for a total membership of approximately 1800 as of 2011.

The SAFN Board of Directors, as the governing body, consists of Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and Regional Directors representing the seven geographical regions that are elected by the membership every two years. Other leadership positions to assist the SAFN governing board include elected and appointed Committee Chairs and appointed Consultants to the President. Each Regional Director appoints Regional Committee Chairs, assists with forming State and/or local Chapters and acts as a conduit for communication between regional members and SAFN. States/Chapters within each Region have a designated Coordinator, who organizes grass roots meetings and social events for Society members to interact and participate.

Biennial National Conventions are held to provide an opportunity to renew friendships, to meet with other members in local chapters and regions, and to receive up-to-date information on relevant Nurse Corps activities as well as veteran and retiree affairs.

Regional meetings are held on alternate years from the Biennial National Conventions. A newsletter “The Rendezvous” is published twice a year with news and activities of members. Also, a Membership Directory is published every other year or as needed.

National Officers

Pat Chappell
Colorado Springs, CO

Kay Fryman
Vice President
Springfield, OH

Sally Glover
Springfield, VA

Terri Page
San Antonio, TX